Turn Your Social Media Skills Into Promoting For High Paying Customers

OK, how many of you work on your computer all day, trying to grow your business, and just not making what you want to make in your online business? How would you like to turn your social media skills into a new career, promoting for paying customers?

With some specialized training, you can turn your social media skills into promoting for paying customers, who will pay you anywhere from $5k to $25k per contract, per month, and it doesn’t take a University Degree!

You are probably asking “who me?”

YES YOU! The icing on the cake, is that you get to watch a complete video training series for FREE, to see if this is something you would like to learn.  The methods and strategies are taught – step by step, and are beginner friendly. Check it out! This could be the next natural step in your career! http://destined2bfree.com/freevideoseries

Lets Take Stock of your Current Social Media Habbits

You are posting in social media, every day, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ….and you are sure you are doing it right, but just not getting the results you hoped for!

There are 2 Possible Reasons for This:

  • You are doing the right thing, but maybe it’s just not what your audience is looking for.
  • You have a great idea, product or business, but you do now know how to market it properly.

You have to look at your offer from the eyes of the customer.  If it is truly something they need, and your content stands out to them, and addresses a pain they have, they will get some engagement from them.

However, if you were promoting a local business, like your favorite store down the street, or your favorite Dentist, something that people would use or buy on a daily basis, how much easier do you think it would be to promote, since you are on social media anyway?

How would you like to learn to attract Ecom Social Media contracts that pay $5k to $25k per contract, per month!

Here’s a secret. There is a HUGE market for social media managers, to help “real” retail business to establish their presence online. This is because retail sales are plummeting, while sales online are skyrocketing!

With some specialized strategic training, you will see how much easier it is to market a brick & mortar business online, and to help others increase their business, while you grow your own successful ecom biz at the same time!

I’ll see you on the inside.

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 Sandra Watts